Saturday, October 31, 2015

#TBT Happy Halloween Edition

UPDATED October 2020 > I know I wrote a blog post a couple months ago about holidays (original post written in 2015) and how I have a hard time with a lot of them, but I have had a lot of epic and fun Halloweens! I was really bitter about it for a couple years since I didn't have kids to enjoy it with and I did have one really depressing appointment at my fertility clinic on Halloween day in 2013. However, I LOVED Halloween last year - I made one of my favorite costumes so far (Ursula from The Little Mermaid, in which I even won one of the costume awards at work!) and had a fun night out with friends. This year is kind of blah since I am unemployed, so I couldn't spend money to make a costume and I didn't get to enjoy the usual office celebrations. Plus two of my friends that I would normally get into the spirit with are out of town. BUT at least I am not bitter about it anymore! This year I am celebrating by just reminiscing about all the fun Halloweens I have had, and watching the movie Halloween like I do EVERY YEAR.

As a child, I loved the pumpkin carving (although I do remember slicing my hand with one of those "kid friendly" orange serrated carvers when I was about 7 or 8 years old). 

I am pretty sure I made almost all of my costumes as a kid and an adult. Here are some I remember:

1980? - devil. Leotard, tights, and construction paper FTW. Marissa was a cute little bumblebee.
My sister Marissa as a bumblebee
& me as a devil
1982 or 1983 (2nd or 3rd grade) - A book. My dad ran a corrugated box company and he made it for me, and then I decorated "the cover." It even had a spine and cardboard "pages" and holes to put my arms through. The one problem was that it went past my knees so once I had it on, I couldn't sit down. I remember I had to stand through the whole outside Halloween assembly at school.

I look like a cardboard box (also accurate) but I was going for a book.
1983 or 1984 (3rd or 4th grade?) - A Cabbage Patch Kid. My friend Rachel and I got outfits to match our own Cabbage Patch kids and made wigs out of yarn. I remember mine was a light gray & pink sweatsuit and my CPK had short curly yellow hair. I bought some kind of yellow cloth shower cap and glued yard curls all over it. I hope Rachel or her mom has a photo somewhere!

1988 (7th grade) - A black cat. We had an epic party in our backyard for a lot of our junior high friends with awesome decorations, games and dancing. I remember my mom drove all around town trying to find a record with Monster Mash on it (and she did find it).
Rachel (same Rach I was a Cabbage Patch Kid with!) & I

1993 (12th grade) - I think this one I just wore a cute low cut tuxedo type shirt with a bat bow tie. I went to the annual Scarabs (high school sorority) dance without my parents knowing and spent the night at my friend's house whose parents were out of town.

1994 (freshman in college in Miami) - I can't remember what I dressed as, but we went out in Coconut Grove. My friend Stacey and I danced all night with two guys in enormous Beevis & Butthead paper mache heads. (Stacey - or was that sophomore year?)

1995 (sophomore in college in Miami) - Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter. It was right when the movie came out and I remember being annoyed that everyone thought I was dressed as Demi Moore instead of Hester Prynne:
1995: Stacey/Disco Vampire Queen, Caite/Angel, Me/Hester Prynne
1996 (junior in college) - Alice in Wonderland. My friend Caite & I hopped in her VW vanagon and drove from Miami to Atlanta and I sewed an awesome apron with lace and mushroom patches for my costume. Caite was The Mad Hatter. My sister was in school at Emory University so we crashed with her a few nights. We really wanted to go to the legendary Halloween Phish concert (from Wikipedia: Musical costume is a term for the band Phish's elaborate Halloween concerts that involved the band performing an entire album by another artist). We didn't have tickets though and they were really hard to get, so we went to try to buy them from a scalper. Some a-hole tried to sell us counterfeit tickets and thankfully I had seen real ones and knew they were fake. We never got into the show, but the parking lot was some great people watching for a while! Then we went back to my sister's apartment and went with her and her friends to a frat party. I am pretty sure I have an entire scrap book from this trip in my mom's garage that I need to find!

1997 or 1998? - Queen of Hearts - part of a group Alice in Wonderland costume. I really loved Alice in Wonderland. I bought fabric with playing cards all over it and sewed myself a skirt. We went to a party at Caite's house. She was the Mad Hatter again, but a made a different costume than 1996.
Alice in Wonderland crew. Me: Queen of Hearts
1999? - A ladybug. I am pretty sure this was a last minute costume and outing, but I made the wings out of red poster board.

Caite's Jersey Girl still makes me crack up!
Me/Ladybug, Tara/Cat

2000/01/02??? A devil. My friend Krista & I went to an N Sync concert, but I can't find any Halloween concerts on their list on Wikipedia. I am pretty sure we were the only ones there in our late 20s that didn't have kids with them. She was Britney from the Baby One More Time video. We had a blast!
Krista & I
2008 - Sarah Palin - this is probably one of my favorite costumes. I had a Mrs. Maverick sash, a stuffed moose and polar bear and some binoculars with a sign that said "I see Russia."
2008: Me as Sarah Palin! This is NOT an endorsement.

2009 - looks like I got a little lazy this year!

2010 - a witch. Someone gave me an Ed Hardy shirt with skulls on it  - It's kind of a cool shirt for Halloween, but I really would have no other occasion to wear it, so I added a hat. I went out with some friends in downtown San Diego. Then a guy that lived in my apartment building randomly invited us to his party. It was A TRIP. Some chick was dressed as a unicorn and going in the bathroom every 10 minutes and I am pretty sure she was doing blow, so we started calling her Unicoke. In probably related news, the guy whose party it was told us later that someone pooped in his shower during the party. I never hung out with that dude again.
Jessica Purrrrr, Me
Renee, Summer, Me in the weird lobby of the apartment
building where Jessica, Andy & I lived on 525 C Street!
2011 - Katniss from The Hunger Games. I wore the mockingjay pin I got at Comic-Con!
2012 - a butterfly. I got the wings at the zoo and found a matching mask at the costume store.
2013 - Snapchat. This was the Halloween that I wasn't into at all, but my awesome friends made me a Snapchat shirt and the rest of my department at work were all different apps.
Appy Halloween!
2014 - Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I had so much fun making this costume, especially my awesome Flotsam & Jetsam eel scarf.

2015 - I did get up and go to a class at The Dailey Method this morning and wore my butterfly costume from 2012. These days I am at the barre at 8:15am instead of the bar at 8:15pm!

UPDATE: I totes rallied and Andy & I went over to Andy2's apartment. We people watched in the lobby as everyone was going out in East Village.

I recycled the butterfly... Andy2 had multiple costumes throughout the night, but I think this one I called "gay angel at a 70s luau."

2016 - This year's theme was paying homage to my favorite show, Stranger Things! For my Eleven look I got a pink dress from ModCloth, a vintage Members Only jacket from ebay, and some skater socks (of course I have my own Converse already). And yes, I was the only person who dressed up in my office but I gave 011 f***s. I also got some Eggos and threw a party at our place, complete with a homemade alphabet sheet - on a scale of 1 to 10, party like an Eleven.

Still one of our fave pics of Rob Zombie


2017 - You've been Trolled… by Poppy! I think this was one of the most fun costumes to make myself, with a lot of felt, glue, & tulle, plus I got to wear my hot pink rainboots. We also celebrated one of my bestie's birthdays which made the night even more fun. Even Andy got into the spirit (though the mohawk is his every day look).
I love hot pink & Poppy!

Punk Rock Poppy

2018 - I went for a current event theme, and I was Banksy's shredded painting. I already had the inflatable frame (I know…?) and then printed out and painted the "Girl with Balloon" on a poster board and cut it out, then used the paintbrushes in my hair buns. People LOVED this costume!

2018 - Oh, I also tried to dress up the doggies: 

2019 - I made a Halloween themed charcuterie board for Andy's office party! Clover & Churro joined in on the Halloween fun. Then I got dressed up as Rainbow Brite (another homemade costume that I worked on for a few weeks)! I went out partying in Gaslamp at Moonshine Flats with friends - all was well until I lost my phone, and a car ran over it, but then someone found it and called a friend so we were able to go retrieve it. Good times!

2020 - you can suck it!