Thursday, June 4, 2015

An open letter to my Blog & Twitter community

Hello all,

I haven't been active on this blog or Twitter (the @justbeecuzzzz account) in quite a while. I started JustBeecuzzzz to share my IVF journey after 3 years of traumatic pregnancy losses and infertility struggles. With 2 rounds of IVF that resulted in no viable embryos, we were stuck with no place to go. Now it's been over a year since that day we sat in the RE's office. We've moved forward with our lives, but not without depression, loneliness, and other life changes. I am working on myself right now and I don't have any news or activity in the realm of fertility treatments, decisions, or plans to have children so I need to pull away from the conversation for a while and focus on other aspects of my life. Those aspects still have a secondary goal of creating the possibility of a family in our future, but it can't be in the forefront. I want to use my blog to express those other activities and interests, whatever they may be.

Infertility is a part of my life and always will be so I am not saying that it won't ever come up if I am talking about my feelings or plans, but I won't be blogging or tweeting about it specifically. I don't plan on unfollowing anyone, and I am very happy for everyone that has made their dreams come true since I first started on this journey. I hope you all still find my child-free (for now) life interesting enough to follow and engage! Please don't feel like you can't ask me any questions about it if you want - I am still very open to discussing it. Like I said, it's a part of me - I am just trying to let the other parts of me shine for a while.

I will be using @justbeecuzzzz for all things personal and not just the infertility conversation anymore. (side note I am going to use my @pilarbower twitter more for work-related conversations, which I mostly do already)

Look out for a new post soon! xo, P